Counseling and Wellness Consulting Services

- Colorado and Online -

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • you struggle to find emotional balance
  • your overwhelmed with simple life decisions
  • you are finding the notion of work-life balance impossible

If so, Counseling and Wellness Consulting Can Help.

Individual Counseling

Clients are experiencing emotional imbalance, lack of clarity on life goals and priorities, and feel like they are going in circles with anxiety and depression.

Clients will access a safe, non judgmental space where they can recover from trauma events, practice emotional balance and explore wellness goals that can create more well-being and clarity regarding life goals and meaning.

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Wellness Consulting

Clients are struggling to make actionable goals and take consistent action on their wellness goals related to exercise, nutrition and mental health.

A clear, customized wellness plan where one can experience more clarity on priorities and goals related to health and wellness.

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Hi, I'm Adrienne Baggs

I help people with Counseling and Wellness Consulting services in Colorado and online. If you are stressing over work and life, working together could help you with reducing your anxiety, feeling more balanced, gaining more peace and perspective.

With over 10 years of experience in mental health, I am a focused and non-judgmental presence where clients can feel safe to recover from trauma events, regain clarity of life's meaning and purpose, and create clear, actionable plans for health and wellness.

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Hi there. I promise not to inundate you but rather share, from time to time, some insights on the joy and messiness of the human experience.