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Hi, I'm Dr. Adrienne Baggs, LPC

I provide individual counseling and wellness consulting to assist individuals get clarity on goals after struggling from trauma, life transitions, relationships and difficult thoughts and emotions. Through open-minded presence, I provide a space where you can be deeply listened to.

Together, we'll explore how to get to a place where your ups and downs in life are manageable instead of overwhelming.

If You Feel Stuck or Lost, I Hear You, And You Are Not Alone

Struggling with difficult thoughts and emotions while facing difficult life events or changes, it can be tough gaining clarity and getting unstuck.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed right now with all that's going on. You may be feeling:

  • so sad that you cry a lot
  • so worried that you feel it is difficult to make any decisions
  • feeling stuck from moving on from a past event or trauma

If trauma, life transitions, relationships and difficult thoughts and emotions are affecting your ability to live your life, then it may be time to get Individual Counseling.

It’s Possible To Start Feeling At Peace

As your therapist, I will meet you where you are. We will work together to discover insights and paths in moving forward. I will walk beside you through this next transition in your life.

I have been where you are, looking for the right counselor. It took some time to find the right person but when I did, I was able to gain more clarity about my life goals and cultivate the courage to start taking action on the insights I developed in counseling.

There Are Many Benefits To Individual Counseling

It can help you:

  • gain confidence that you can manage what life throws your way
  • improve relationships
  • recover from past trauma and painful events

These are a few of the ways Individual Counseling can help.

A Little About My Professional Background

I received a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from the University of Florida. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado and do wellness consulting with people all over the US and internationally.

Let's Get You To A Place You Want To Be

Let’s discover how I can help. Reach out to get your free 15-minute phone consultation. During our free consultation call, you can share a bit about what's going on, what you hope to get out of our work together and I can answer any questions you might have. To get your free 15-minute phone consultation, call 850-570-3395. I'm here for you.